Love 101

5 Steps To Get Your Partner To Open Up

November 03, 2022 Gaby Balsells Season 1 Episode 4
Love 101
5 Steps To Get Your Partner To Open Up
Show Notes

This is for you if you're wishing your partner would share more of their emotions. If you're longing for deeper connection + to see and feel all parts of your partner, but sometimes it seems like they're such a mystery!

Craving depth is such a driver for healthy relationships! But if it's not reciprocated, it feels like the loneliest place in the world! (I would know... it's what drove my crisis and breakup with my now husband!)

Listen for my clear 5 step framework to open up emotional + depth in communication around what your partner is really feeling, and how you can both be more honest and open with each other. 

Also get some honest truths I've learned from counseling couples for over 5 years, learn the common mistakes so you can avoid them and get really practical, clear tips to set up for success!

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