Love 101

Ask Gaby: What Pushes a Guy Away?

November 15, 2022 Gaby Balsells Season 1 Episode 5
Love 101
Ask Gaby: What Pushes a Guy Away?
Show Notes

Love 101 is a podcast that looks to provide answers + information to all things dating & relationships. And what better way than to hear directly from you and take real listener questions? We kickoff "Ask Gaby", a new series that will take anonymous questions and direct messages from social media, and Gaby will answer them through direct response, plus explanations + tips. 

Today on the podcast:

  • The 2 main things that women do that push a guy away 
  • Some common dating mistakes and how to elevate your experience
  • What to consider if you feel anxiety + urgency while dating
  • Feeling more confident in your self worth
  • What it really takes to find a high quality match for you

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