Love 101

Awaken your Sensuality with Molly Eames

January 31, 2023 Gaby Balsells Season 1 Episode 11
Love 101
Awaken your Sensuality with Molly Eames
Show Notes

Today Gaby is joined by Sex Therapist Molly Eames to talk all about how to connect deeper to your Body, to dig up your sexual energy if its been buried away and how to start Awakening your Sensual Vibe to feel more vibrant!

We break down:

  • How Trauma shows up in our life- in our bodies and in our sex lives and how to start healing
  • Things to notice if you are ready to start tracking your relationship patterns and the ways that you disconnect from yourself
  • How to be more open to Receiving to get more pleasure in life & love
  • Normalizing the blocks that  get in the way of being your most vibrant sensual self & how to get past them
  • Ways to feel more empowered in your body connection and sexuality
  • How to elevate your Sensuality to feel more fulfilled

Molly Eames is trained in Mental Health Counseling, Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education. She believes that talking about sex will change the world! 

With over a decade of experience working in sexual health as a trained sex therapist, educator and coach, Molly empowers women to start exploring their sexual self through a trauma-informed lens by offering sexuality education blended with somatic exercises and soul work. She is the bridge between the mind and body connection and her superpower is in holding sacred space and truly seeing you. Molly's clients say that working with her is like talking to your best friend who is in the know!

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